Saturday, June 10, 2017

Thoughts on The Mummy

For those of you that (for some bizarre reason) don't care for Tom Cruise, you might enjoy The Mummy because Tom Cruise is thrown around and knocked around quite a bit.

This film is a big budget version of Evil Dead 2 in a few ways. It is very funny (the fights with the mummies, the way Cruise gets his feet caught in them as he kicks them) and very over the top. Cruise does his Bruce Campbell impression for the mayhem scenes, and it works quite well.

The most over the top aspect though might be Dr. Jekyll who runs Prodigium, a corporation designed to combat monsters. The doctor has a wide eyed insanity even as he keeps his dark side (Mr Hyde) at bay; it is like Nick Fury is being played by the Hulk, and that could prove to be exciting moving forward.

The Mummy starts off as a film version of Uncharted, and this does not work. Cruise can play a selfish jerk (Magnolia, Rain Man) but he is off here as a thief of artifacts. He is much better as a noble man, that he becomes as the film progresses. There are few actors who could have sold that scene where he tells Jenny (his paramour) that he only helped her escape first from a crashing plane because he thought there was another parachute. The audience knows this is not true.

The actress who plays the Mummy is beautiful; there is a logic that moves the film forward, yet one cannot help but wonder if Ahmanet were just a bit nicer in seducing Cruise, maybe the film would have gone very differently. She is uncompromising though and does not let the guy run the show like Wonder Woman did (Chris Pine was the charismatic male savior in that, imo) plus love the way she paints her nails, wish my fiancee would do that. One problem I had with WW, worth mention, the film is so conventional, there is no chance for weirdness, ala Suicide Squad. This is not the problem with The Mummy.

There is an Evil Dead 2 and even Return of the Living Dead feel with The Mummy. But the film reminds me most of Bathory. The great horror-comedy, drama, crazy project that includes a blood bathing countess, roller skating monks and all manner of crazy. This is a film that every should enjoy on some level. It is broad (which bodes well overseas) and exceptionally entertaining.