Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017: A Year of Going Out to the Movies

I think movies are still the most enlightening form of cheap entertainment.
Since I live by a few revival houses these days, I don't always go to see new
titles. But I do go once a week.  I am keeping track of the movies I see in a theater
as the theater is the optimal way to see a picture; it forces concentration and presents
the best sound and image experience. Sometimes the communal nature of the thing is
damn good too. I will keep track of all the titles I see on a Letterbox list instead of blog, but I am using my blog to keep track of this. 

The Hunger (1983) from Tony Scott (Seen at the Loft on 1/7/17  10PM)

Incarnate (2016) from Peyton Reed (Seen at the Gateway 12 on 1/9/17  735pm)

Bye Bye Man (2017) from Stacey Title (Seen at the Park Place 20 on 1/13/17  1125AM)

Split (2017) from M Night Shyamalan (Seen at the Park Place 20 on 1/22/17 1015AM)

Haxan (1922) from Benjamin Christensen (Seen at Loft Cinema on 1/22/17  730PM)

The Shining (1980) from Stanley Kubrick (Seen at Loft Cinema on 1/28/17  7PM)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) from Tobe Hopper (Seen at Loft Cinema on 1/28/17  940PM)

Fright Night (1985) from Tom Holland (Seen at Loft Cinema on 1/28/17  1110PM)

Green Room (2016) from Jeremy Saulnier (Seen at Loft Cinema on 1/29/17  1AM)

Trick 'r Treat (2007) from Michael Dougherty (Seen at Loft Cinema on 1/29/17  240AM)

Return of the Living Dead (1985) from Dan O Bannon (Seen at the Loft Cinema on 1/29  410AM)

Cat in the Brain (1990) from Lucio Fulci (Seen at the Loft Cinema on 1/29 540AM)

Sabrina (1954) from Billy Wilder (Seen at the Cinema El Con on 2/5 2 PM)

Toni Erdmann (2016) from Maren Ade (Seen at the Loft Cinema on 2/11 7PM)

Allegiance A Fathom Event (2017)  (Seen at Park Place on 2/19 1255PM)

The Red Turtle (2016)  from Michael Dudok de Wit (Seen at Loft Cinema on 2/25 515PM)

Logan (2017) from James Mangold (Seen at Park Place on 3/5 815PM)

Kedi (2016) from Cedya Torun (Seen at the Loft on 3/17 1215PM)

Beauty and the Beast (2017) from Bill Condon (Seen at the Roadhouse on 3/20 1145AM)

The Last Word (2017) from Mark Pellington (Seen at Park Place 20 on 3/25 410PM)

Song to Song (2017) from Terrence Malick (Seen at the Loft on 4/8 2:30PM)

Your Name (2017) from Makoto Shinkai (Seen at Park Place Mall on 4/15 10:10AM)

Phoenix Forgotten (2017) from Justin Barber (Seen at El Con Cinema on 4/23 3:10PM)

Miami Connection (1987) from YK Kim (Seen at the Loft on 4/23 7:30PM)

American Graffiti (1973) from George Lucas (Seen at Fox Theater on 5/13 730PM)

Summer Wars (2009) from Mamrou Hosoda (Seen at the Loft on 5/20 10PM)

Boxing Helena (1993) from Jenifer Lynch (Seen at the Loft on 5/29 at 8PM)

Captain Underpants (2017) from David Soren (Seen at the Park Place on 6/2 at 1155AM)

Wonder Woman (2017) from Patty Jenkins (Seen at the El Con on 6/3 at 3:55PM)

The Mummy (2017) from Alex Kurtzman (Seen at Park Place on 6/9 at 9:10AM)

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017) from James Gunn (Seen at Roadhouse Cinema on 613 at 11AM)

Paris Can Wait (2017) from Eleanor Coppola (Seen at El Con on 6/16 at 1120 AM)

Monterey Pop (1967) from DA Pennebaker (Seen at Filmbar on 6/29 at 5PM)

2017 Cat Video Festival (Seen at the JCC on 7/1 at 730PM)

The Beguiled (2017) from Sophia Coppola (Seen at El Con on 7/4 at 155PM)

The Hero (2017) from Brett Haley (Seen at the Loft on 7/7 at 11AM)

The Zodiac Killer (1971) from Tom Hanson (Seen at the Loft on 7/22 at 930PM)

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) from Jim Sharman (Seen at the Loft on 7/23 Midnight)

The Little Hours (2017) from Jeff Beana (Seen at the Loft on 7/30 530PM)

The Dark Tower (2017) from Nikoaj Arcel (Seen at the El Con on 8/4 at Noon)

Annabelle Creation (2017) from David Sandberg (Seen at Park Place on 8/9 950PM)
Bonnie and Clyde (1967) from Arthur Penn (Seen at the El Con on 8/13 at 7PM)

Born in Flames (1983) from Lizzie Borden (Seen at the Loft on 8/20 at 730PM)

It (2017) from Andres Muchetti (Seen at the Roadhouse on 9/11 at 1130AM)

Suspiria (1977)  from Dario Argeno (Seen at the Loft 9/15 at 1015PM)

Santa Sangre (1989) from Alejandro Jodokowski (Seen at the Loft on 9/20 at 730PM)

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