Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Crisis in Six Scenes: Better Than the Last Couple of Movies A Few Thoughts.

It is nice to hear something other than jazz  or classical over Woody Allen opening titles.
I never thought that would happen.

And it is nice to see Woody Allen starring in a new project.
I never thought that would happen again.

He is in fine form here as an author with children and grandchildren and a wife just a bit older than he is yet still a smart and strong working woman., a marriage counselor

Woody Allen's persona at 80 is just as honest as his earlier characters. I was shocked that he admitted to needing hearing aids.

Allen has one very poor scene in this, the scene at the diner with Bobby Slayton.

He has about fifteen great ones though so don't be put off with that diner scene that comes before the half-way point.

Allen's comic highlights are the scene with the barber Dominic, who insults him brutally but with some affection. He has good moments with Miley who also insults him but with less affection.

It is nice to see brutal insults dealt at Allen and how he deals with them, much like Dangerfield, he changed from being someone who always had the upperhand to someone that only occassionally gets it, and it works here.

May is a treasure as well and the scenes involving her clients are hilarious.

The turbulent times that Miley speaks of and comically inspire everyone, except Allen are deeply felt as well; anyone with the service should check out this show.

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