Saturday, January 24, 2015

Strange Magic, American Graffiti Meets Labyrinth

George Lucas has said for years that he wants to make small art films that would not be popular.
But he is a popular artist, and that is what he is so good at. He should be happy to be so good at something.

Mr Lucas has said that Strange Magic is for his daughters. He might even be the model for the overweight and protective king.

His daughters should probably love this film. And anyone with young daughters should go out to see it because it introduces in Marianne a character who does not pine for love, who learns to fight and  take care of herself and others before falling in love.

If anyone was ever bothered that Fiona had to turn ugly to be with Shrek or that Belle could not make love to a sexy beast and had to settle for a wimpy prince, this is the film for you.

Marianne and the eventually reformed villian of the film find romance. He is craggly, but they have much in common and  both sacrifice for each other. This is how love works and is miles away from the bathos in those later Star Wars films.

The look of the film is very Labyrinth. The feel of the film is American Graffiti, in that music is essential and constant. Is there anything as moving here as the Smoke Gets in Your Eyes dance scene in AG?   Yes, the love songs here all prove simple, direct and true and help move the story forward. Many of the folks in my screening were getting teary eyed.

There is also great voice work particularly by Bob Einstein.  I really liked this movie.

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