Thursday, February 20, 2014

Warren Beatty Did Charlie Rose Show 16 Years Ago....Here is What We Can Get From This Interview Today

Everyone who loves to watch films should probably have a favorite actor. Warren Beatty is mine.  I find he has two distinctive film personas: the cad (Roman Springs of Mrs Stone, Shampoo, All Fall Down), the dreamer (Heaven Can Wait, Reds) and a mixture of both (Bugsy). And with those personas he has done more than any great actor could hope to and with less movies: 22 films in 53 years.

It is somewhat heartbreaking to be a Beatty fan mostly because he has not done a film in 14 years. He has been raising kids and turning down projects.

He is 76 now!!

I purchased the Charlie Rose interview from 1998 from amazon because I could not find it elsewhere. The interview was made to promote Bulworth. Beatty mentions filming Town and Country so basically the interview covers everything but his inactivity. He talks about not liking to work and how children bring one into a present tense that is life altering and incredible so the inactivity is kind of promised at this time. There is much that can be gleamed from this interview.
Rose states at one point, "You have for many years been a passing reference on this program." Rose is a huge Beatty fan and has probably read the necessary Beatty books, including Desert Eyes by David Thomson.  Rose states that Beatty is most known for "his charm, his perfectionism and his late night phone calls." And that seems accurate.
The cad persona does not come out in the interview. He is a man who admires most his mother and father and his wife. Though Rose is very interested in Beatty's past with women, Beatty deflects most of those questions as he has been married for a while even in 1998.
Bulworth is discussed at length. A clip of Norman Mailer praising it to the skies is shown. I get the feeling Rose had not seen it because the interview questions are very general. As with in that film, the country moving toward uncertainty. Clinton was on his way out. Bush was coming. The film supposes an truthful leader taken with the black community and who thought socialized medicine was one way to serve societies ills. A decade later:
There is perhaps something to be desired here. Obama has said though that he needs to "go Bulworth" in his second term, not sure it has happened yet. He also talks of the marginallized poor that would later become the tea party. The funniest thing he says in regards to Bulworth and specifically the rap in that film. He says,
"The people that listen to rap music are getting older, maybe not so much my age."
The interviews end with a reference to Beatty's Howard Hughes project, a rumored project since the early 1970s.  Beatty says at some point "I will make it."
And reports suggest he is making it now.


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    Let me tell you how I came to your blog. I have been (casually) trying to watch all of Jack Nicholson's movies. Not only because I was a fan of him in my film-loving egg-stage (I consider myself now a hatchling, coming towards chicklet), but also because his carreer entails both low-budget (lowbrow?--I hate that word. It's probably inapt, too) ... but also because his carreer entails both low-budget films from the early-60s, which are fun to watch, and, afterwards, a great stroke of award-winning, world-changing films, which I thought would be essential in creating a view of hollywood-history. Maybe both categories are. Then, after watching the--you will agree--pretty brilliant 'Little Shop of Horrors,' I came about trying to find "The Broken Land". Throught Letterboxd, I found you as the only account to have watched that film, and I came to your profile, I came to your site. So... There you go.

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    1. Niels

      I am sorry the movie is not in my possession. I watched it on the Fox movie channel (or TCM) about a decade ago.

      I have, at times, been very interested in Nicholson too. He seems to have perfected both the actor career and social life. I remember working in a dollar theater as a teen and staying after shift for the midnight movie (saw As Good As It Gets at least 10 times).

      I am sorry I could not be of more help if I do find a link, will glady send it your way. It's nice that you posted in the Beatty thread because Beatty is doing his Hughes film soon and rumor has it Nicholson is involved. Hopefully it will be more Reds than The Fortune

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